Brand Story & Intro to Power of Nilotica Shea

Pameri Organic was founded in 2012 with the aim of raising global awareness about Nilotica Shea while supporting the sustainable redevelopment of Ugandan communities ravaged by a decades-long civil war through it's not-for-profit, the Northern Uganda Shea Umbrella.

Pameri Organic is a leading producer of East African Nilotica Shea Butter & Oil. 100% USDA Organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, our Nilotica Shea maintains its natural chemical-free state to ensure its wide variety of health benefits remain accessible.

Pameri Organic provides bulk ingredients to many luxury beauty brands across the globe who set themselves apart through the quality of their skincare, haircare, and spa product lines. This includes Pameri Organic's retail brand, The Shea Shop, which uses Nilotica Shea in their formulations.


3 Reasons to Choose Pameri Organic

When you choose to add Pameri Organic Nilotica Shea to your ingredient list, you are choosing the highest quality, Certified USDA Organic Grade A Nilotica Shea. With our commitment to social corporate responsibility, the benefits and impact of choosing Pameri Organic is more than skin deep. You can feel good about sourcing bulk products from us.


    Consumers of your luxury bath and body products deserve to see Pameri Organic Nilotica Shea in your ingredient list. It’s simply the best.

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    Our Nilotica Shea is produced to retain the highest levels of bioactive nutrients, and makes it have a longer stability and shelf life than other ingredients.

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    We are committed to giving back to the communities where we source shea through the Northern Uganda Shea Umbrella not-for-profit, and caring for Mother Nature in the process.

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For centuries, Nilotica Shea Butter has been used to moisturize excessive dry skin, heal eczema and other skin conditions, and in cooking to add flavor to food. The amazing healing properties include success treating wrinkles, blemishes, skin allergies, minor cuts and scrapes, and soothing sunburns. 

Compared to West African Shea, Nilotica has a softer, creamier consistency and feels luxurious on the skin.  

Our Nilotica Shea is 100% unrefined which means it has been through no chemical processes often can result in reduced potency. Combined with the unparalleled moisturizing qualities that set Nilotica Shea apart, Pameri Organic Nilotica Shea is simply the best. 

Consumers of your luxury bath and body products deserve to see Pameri Organic Nilotica Shea in your ingredient list.



Pameri Organic Nilotica Shea is Grade A and certified organic. This means our products have the highest levels of bioactive nutrients, have passed rigorous safety screening and enjoy longer stability and shelf life than other shea butters making it the best choice for personal and skin care products. 

Our Shea Nilotica is wild-harvested i.e.: collected from their natural environment by the most ethical and sustainable means possible and processed without heat to maintain its full spectrum of health benefits.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (Ethical, Environmental, Supply Chain)

We give back to the communities where we source our Nilotica Shea, and we care for Mother Nature in our processes.

Pameri Organic has deep roots in Northern Uganda and we are committed to restoring and rebuilding after a 20-year civil war. We provide an honest and fair livelihood to this region through our women’s cooperative. 

We work with local communities to harvest Nilotica Shea Nuts using sustainable methods through the Northern Uganda Nilotica Shea Umbrella. We’ve been involved in local environmental and farming policy, supporting protective regulations of this resource to make sure Nilotica Shea thrives for many more generations. 

Our Nilotica Shea collectors receive a fair wage that is four times higher than the average salary in West Africa, allowing them to pay school fees, build structures for shelter, and acquire animals and transportation to support their livelihoods. We’ve also supported women through microfinancing, so they may start their own small businesses and diversify their income streams while contributing to the economy. 

We partner with local and international organizations to provide essentials and other support to rebuild and strengthen East African communities.


Work With Us

If your customers deserve the finest quality ingredients, then Pameri Organic is the right choice for your beauty brand.

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Meet Pamela

Pamela grew up in Uganda during the brutal, two decade long war that ravaged Northern Uganda.  Seeing communities torn apart, she made a commitment to be a part of the area's redevelopment.  

After pursuing her MBA in International Business in New York, Pamela co-founded Pameri Organic in 2012.  She grew up understanding the many health benefits of Nilotica Shea. In Northern Uganda, Nilotica Shea is well known for its ultra-moisturizing qualities and used for skincare and haircare.  With its anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant profile, Nilotica Shea is referred to locally as “Edible Shea” and used in food recipes.  

Pameri Organic set out to raise global awareness about Nilotica Shea as a superior, high-quality natural ingredient.  Only found in Northern Uganda & Southern Sudan along the shea belt on the shores of River Nile, it’s not as well known as other Shea varieties. Nilotica Shea has become the secret ingredient of many top luxury beauty brands as customers across the globe gain familiarity with it and fall in love with its benefits.  

As social entrepreneurs, Pameri Organic is honored to have developed lasting relationships with the most hard-working & dedicated shea collectors in the area.  Through their work with the nonprofit organization, the Northern Uganda Shea Umbrella, they continue to support local communities through economic, social, and environmental initiatives.